Sensei Westen Curry – Instructor
Sensei Curry started his martial training in elementary school, and is the longest standing member of the Shoshin Ryu Alaska dojo. He focuses on core self-defense, basics, and classical weapons. Sensei Curry is also a member of the Shoshin Ryu National Board, providing regulart assistance with development and direction of the overall core curriculum for the art. He enjoys running and long distance races, and contributes plyometrics and conditioning training to the class. He works as a contractor to the Federal government providing software and programming development in aviation weather observation.

 Sensei Terry Kayutak – Instructor
Mr. Kayutak has over 30 years of martial experience and provides instruction for advanced students, and helps refine skills and abilities for all students studying for promotion. He bring proficiency in the use of Sai and Bo weapons to the Shoshin Ryu Alaska dojo. Mr. Kayutak started training martial arts prior to the founding of Shoshin Ryu, and transitioned to this school along with the founding Sensei for the Alaska dojo. He currently works to maintain flight operations and runway clearance in the aviation industry.

 Sensei Sean Pendergrast – Instructor
Mr. Pendergrast provides instruction for both adult and kids.  He focuses on complete and meticulous instruction, working well with students who need an alternative way of viewing a technique or kata.  He began martial arts in grade school with Judo, continuing through high school with Tae Kwon Do.  Mr. Pendergrast has been with Shoshin Ryu for over 20 years, continuing to work on his own martial arts weapons training. Additionally, he provides firearms safety and information seminars for Shoshin Ryu Alaska.  He works as a contractor for the federal government, providing programming and technology solutions in aviation weather observation.

 Sensei Darl Schaaff – Instructor
Mr. Schaaff has over 30 years of martial arts experience, with black belts in Tang Soo Do and Kenpo, experience with Filipino martial arts, and 20 years of competition in international forms, weapons, and fighting. His teaching includes practical self-defense encounters. He regularly provides seminars on martial arts as a visiting instructor in Europe. Outside the dojo, he owns and manages an nationally recognized event planning firm.

 Sensei Eric Wuttke – Instructor
Mr. Wuttke has over 25 years of martial arts experience, with black belts in Judo and Shoshin Ryu. He is currently the Shoshin Ryu Nationals manager, responsible for the work related to our annual conference. When not training martial arts or out running, he is an electrical engineer for the FAA working with communications.