Local Fees

Prices for classes are listed in the table below.  All students who wish to hold rank within Shoshin Ryu must purchase and learn to wear a martial arts uniform, called a gi.

Shoshin Ryu does not charge for testing or advancement. Testing is conducted twice per year for all colored belts. Students are encouraged to participate in testing, but there is no requirement to test. Black belt testing is conducted annually at the discretion of the National Board.

Class Prices:

Time One Person Two People Three People (Family)
Month $50 $75 $100
Quarter $135 $200 $270
Year $500 $750 $1000

(Multi-person discount applies to immediate family members only)

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National Dues In order to hold rank within Shoshin Ryu, all students must pay dues to the National organization.  Payment is due in January of each year, and is prorated if you join mid-year.  Dues pay for development, printing, and delivery of the quarterly Shoshin Ryu Journal, the kanji patch provided to students who have attained rank within Shoshin Ryu, and to assist with travel for guest instructors and seminars.Dues$60 / Year – Mudansha (White through Brown)
$140 / Year – Yudansha (Black belt and up)

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